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  1. Bryan Font

    [vBIOS - MODS] Asus - Prema Mod™

    Klem, I still need the password to decompress the rar :'(
  2. Bryan Font

    G75VW Upgrade help

    I'd go with #4, or just pickup another ASUS like I did. The BIOS chip, at the very least, on my G75 died and I upgraded to a GL502VY and it's just heavenly. Lighter, faster, less headaches all around. The G75 definitely isn't worth saving IMO. Keep it around as a backup, if anything. Or, give it to a family member.
  3. Bryan Font

    Buying a gaming laptop

    I definitely think you should save up and wait for the Acer Aspire X; it's got a gtx 1060 and is only slated to be $1000 I believe. Everything under $1k for the most part has some really off putting flaw aside from the cheaper Clevo/Sager model if I remember correctly.
  4. Bryan Font

    ASUS G750JH 780M vBIOS

    Well, I'd say you've posted in the wrong part of the forums and isn't there a thread for the G750 vbios mods already? You should be looking dor that thread instead of bumping this one, imo.
  5. Well, I've posted here before but that was about 3 years ago. From USA, love gaming. College student. I've got an ASUS GL502 with 8gb 980m and it's the love of my life lol!
  6. Bryan Font

    [vBIOS - MODS] Asus - Prema Mod™

    Hey Klem! I'm pretty sure I was able to extract the vBios without any problems so let me know if the file's okay. Also, do you unlock bios? This laptop uses AMI and it's locked down quite a bit. Anyway, thanks in advance! GM204.rom
  7. Bryan Font

    [vBIOS - MODS] Asus - Prema Mod™

    So.. I know these are only vBIOS mods for the 75x models, is there anyway someone can mod my GL502VY (980m 8gb) bios to the same standard as these mods? Klem?
  8. Haha, I would.. But, I still haven't hit the 5 post req. to send anything or download anything.. Just 1 more after this post though, unless you could send me an email or something else.
  9. Hey Klem, have you got a w7 GTX 660m overclock + overvolt mod? I saw someone else was looking for it, and I would like it too!
  10. I just registered so I could get some modded VBIOS files.. Except none of my posts have gone through so I can't even download

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