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  1. Anything so far with my GTX 760? It is thirsty for more volts.
  2. Hey svl7, is the ROM I posted good enough for your needs?
  3. Okay, hopefully this is a good back up of my vBios. Let me know if anything works and thanks a lot for what you do svl7. P.S. - Anything on the Lenovo Y580 getting a voltage bump on the GTX660m? Gigabyte GTX 760.zip
  4. SLV7, if I can get you a copy of my VBIOS could you modify it to allow more voltage and if you could disable GPU boost? Also how can I give you my VBIOS ROM? Not letting me make an attachment for it. Raff, laptop graphics cards can be overvolted through a BIOS mod so pretty much anything is possible. And if this card could get more volts than the clocks would skyrocket.
  5. Hey guys I here you all talking about GTX 780 and GTX 770 bios mods but can I get some love with my GTX 760? I know with some good voltage I could get 1400-1500mhz from it. My model is the GV-N760OC-2GD. If you could modify this BIOS to allow more voltage and possibly disable boost 2.0 I would appreciate that very much. I successfully had my Lenovo Y580 BIOS unlocked and my little GTX 660m is chugging at 1260mhz so thanks for that
  6. Any of you guys know what the carbon fiber looks like on the Y580? I know they were selling one for the Y580 but don't know if I should plunge. Plus how hard was installation?
  7. What do you guys think is the best way to cap FPS? Some games have decent VSYNC but some are just plain horrible. Going through Nvidia control panel doesn't work every time either.
  8. Very nice, I am using a 120gb ADATA SSD drive and that thing boots my Y580 in 10 seconds. And it's not really a great SSD. How hot does your MSATA get? My SSD even with cooling goes above 50c.
  9. I like Metro Last Light much more than Metro 2033. Only problem is the game does not like my desktop 6970. The game literally blacks out in a dark area I go into. My Y580 however doesn't. I even recorded my desktop with FRAPS and in the video Metro never blacks out so something is going on. Graphics are epic.
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