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  1. I set the memory speed to 1600 in the chipset tab and also tried xmp profiles in the memory overclocking tab, no effect.
  2. Anybody still want Arma 3 lite keys? I have an extra or two.
  3. I got mine up to 4.5 stable but its a SFF mITX build so I couldn't sustain that due to heat buildup with the case closed. Are any of you using DDR3 over 2133mhz? I'm running DDR3 2800mhz but I had to push the VCCSA voltage to 1.2v-1.25v. I'm wondering how other peoples IMCs are holding up.
  4. Audio over bluetooth (HSP/HFP and especially A2DP) takes a lot of bandwidth. You're not crazy, I had the same issue long long ago with my thinkpad using A2DP headphones with my bluetooth mouse. Unfortunately I don't remember if I ever found a fix.
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