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  1. I've encountered the similar problem. Unfortunately, while the 650m SLI is DX11 capable, it's not actually very playable. If you can, enable dx10 in your games. With the upgrade to windows 10 newer nvidia drivers just assume to default to dx11. Also, depending on how long you've had your laptop. Take a look at your thermals. If your card is being thermal throttled constantly it means that your thermal compound needs to be replaced and dust needs to be removed from the heatsink. (I easily saw a 5 - 10 degree celsius delta)
  2. 1. Wait for Windows 8.1 2. Install Windows 8.1 (free update) 3. Windows 8 complaints go away (for the most part) 4. Profit In all seriousness, just stick with windows 8, it's not that bad once you get used to it and has some pretty nifty features especially for this laptop (in-built .iso capabilities, since if your running the SLI version or the extra HDD version you can't just plug in a DVD) Also Windows Blue (8.1) is supposed to fix the gripe about having to use metro on non-touch laptops...
  3. Hi guys, I was just wondering if this unlocked BIOS will allow you to mix and match the new GT750m with the old GT650m. I tried it with version 2.0 BIOS and it says Unsupported VGA card
  4. blabba

    Gaming Mouse

    The Gigabyte ECO 600 mouse is a pretty good one, it's a decent gaming mouse for a tight budget, $20 on amazon I believe.
  5. First of all thanks for these wonderful mods! Also just wondering, if there is anyway someone could lift the BIOS limitation off when trying to mix and match the Ultrabay GT650m with the onboard GT750m and vice - versa because it gives me a unsupported VGA error.
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