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  1. Thanks for the tip!! Can we purchase extra screws from somewhere?? I have lost screws in the past. Why not be proactive about it right??
  2. In comparison.... I think D3 does have it above POE. ALTHOUGH, POE does have a better... re playability??? If that makes sense....
  3. Is there a spot to buy the "extra" molding id need to add to mine?? I bought a cheap chinese one off ebay... But dont have the "locking clips" from a DVD drive.
  4. Do you have the modded BIOS jester??? Im looking for a new wifi card... Even after calling Lenovo themselves. I was directed to lenovospareparts.com... They dont carry anything in that department.
  5. THanks for the link 10e! Im getting a lot of bleed-through on my keyboard..... Ive only had my y500 for ~3 months....
  6. Windows 8 isnt all that bad...... I do miss the old "windows" desktop at start.... and I NEVER use the tiles..... but I grew up on '95. Haha.
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