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  1. also remember to get a good and recommended brand thermal paste my alienware m18x-r2 dropped 5 degrees celsius with thermaltake.on my 3610QM stock, i`m preparing to overclock just figuring out how to mod my bios so i can overclock it from there instead of windows.
  2. try the new drivers from AMD Radeon
  3. AMD Radeon i tried the new driver and it has some nice hotfixes waiting for the new reworked driver for amd frametime latency issue that will be released on june At this moment the beta driver 13.5beta3 for my alienware nearly doubled the performance in many games but its beta so be cautious if ur a normal user grab the whql one.
  4. i`m having a problem downgrading to the a03 bios using the remove batery and m18xr2.hdr file holding home can anyone help me out i`m trying to unlock it.
  5. i`m trying to downgrade my m18x bios as well, but i am getting a error i want to downgrade so i fix my sound problems too, but my problem is that the sound card sudenly dissapears when i put the notebook for sleep or cold boot sometimes
  6. yes path of exile exceed diablo 3 sometimes, but i also like diablo 3 just waiting for blizzard to proper patch it so i can go back to play the recent exploits of gold the uber low quality of most lengedaries drop make the game hard to play sometimes to gear up my character
  7. also i can give some tips since i play world of warcraft set ur api to use directx 11 inside client then restart and use the 64 bit executable of the game and remember to have the latest drivers from nvidia installed, another tip i give you is you will never have skyrocket fps in hubs in the game like of the screen above its shrine of two moons its overcrowded and ur using max camera distance to far wich also increase the ammount on processing power sadly blizzard take times to optimze the game but be sure it will be easy to play on other zones and raids with better fps than that
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