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  1. So... how??? I'm very very desperate find an solution to solve my speaker problem!!! arrrr.... T_T
  2. Huh!!??? 90 degree!!??? Hmm...... For me max will be around 65 to 75 degree with max graphic settings (with vysnc switched on).... Ah did you switch on the vsync or off it? When I off it, my DUAL GPU temperature will go up to 80++....
  3. Hi Bobcheese~ Yeah.... mine too... the left fan usually spinning faster than the right one... which maybe its the system behavior??? Every time playing games in max graphic settings, I felt curious & paranoid about the right side fan which looks very relaxing but the left side fan scream like hell~ By the way the CPU fan also quite... in the same foot steps with the right gpu fan??? only the left gpu fan spinning very vigorously than the other 2 on the left side. SJ
  4. Hmmm... I haven't try out plugging in external speakers but I do try out by headphone. It works totally great with the headset... the sound are balanced. Anyway, do lots of m18x owner's experience the same problem that I did??? If I'm not wrong during the BIOS A07 Version lots of the owner's experience difficulties on their sound card disappear?? Then soon later Alienware did release a new BIOS which is A08 to an-counter the problem?? Correct me please if I'm wrong about it... Thanks!!! SJ
  5. Oppsss... Sorry I have made a mistake... I mean The fan on the left side are more louder than the right side. Which side is consider the main GPU? The left side (Judge by facing laptop screen) or the right side (The one which the CPU are just beside it)?? For more specific details, I have try out Crysis 2 with max graphic settings for 40 minutes (Graphic's status by my MSI Afterburner) GPU #1 Temperature: 56~ degree GPU #2 Temperature: 63~ degree I'm not sure whether the 1st gpu is on the right side or on the left... I just know that, Facing the laptop screen my gpu fan on the left side are spinning more faster than the gpu on the right side (The fan speed of the gpu & cpu on the left side are almost the same), just the left side fan spinning more faster than the other both on the right side. I dont really think its a faulty gpu fan's because, when flashing new BIOS, all the 3 fans did really run to its max (all equal in fan speed) and I can feel that air rushing out from the vent.
  6. So... I have no choice to wait for tune up to be available??? What about the Alienware Customer Support? Did they give any reason or solving for the speakers problem??
  7. Hmm..... There're not much differences between the process rate of the both gpu... only 2 to 5 % in difference would make any big differences? --- Hmm... Lets say if I'm facing the laptop SCREEN, the most right hand side & the most left hand side are the gpu's located right? then the cpu is between the gpu's. Yeah.... The fan on my right hand site which is the 1st? GPU are more louder than the other 2 which is on the left hand site. (2ND GPU & CPU) So... my conclusion.... is that the software or firmware or the BIOS of the alienware m18x r2 version still not really stable as it should be?? Even the speakers do give me a hard time... (which the right speaker are more louder than the left speaker)
  8. Hi everyone!! I have problems with my laptop speaker which the right speaker is louder than the left speaker after flashing AW BIOS A03 to A08. The most easy way to solve it is to access into the playback device > speaker > search for "balance" and then re-balance it. But still the sound still very very awful.... Can't really stand it~ The other option is either to re-install the drivers? (Which I done before but still the same) flashing back BIOS??? (No Idea about it) I don't really understand.... Although there are numerous forum have posted this thread, I'm still very very confusing on how to actually solve the issue. So, I really need someone to help me and guide me steps by steps regarding this issue please!! Really really appreciate if someone can really help me!! Thank you very much!! Best Regards SJ
  9. Hi everyone~!! I owned a AW M18x dual gtx 680m (SLI) and have some question & also curious on the Fan speed of the Dual GPU. When ever I play any games e.g. crysis 2, BF3 etc (with max graphic settings).... My left GPU fan (1st gpu) just screaming like hell but for the right GPU (2nd gpu), it seems to just relax... Both GPU reach between 65 to 70 in temperature, windows system set to high performance. So, is it normal for these gpu fan speed condition? I thought both fan speed will be equal??? Some information of my AW m18x: 1. i7-3840QM 2. 16GB RAM 1866Mhz 3. Dual GTX 680M (SLI) 4. BIOS A08
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