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  1. Great job and awesome Idea it will be good to see someone unlocked through these steps. Excellent post! Welcome Khenglish.
  2. I love the posts from the people helping. I myself found your little link to the laptop cooling mod very insightful. I can look no further then this thread with my problem. Thanks.
  3. I Don't think it is at all possible. the connectors are different and is what is currently what is keeping me from upgrading this 670m. People say that the 670m is great, sadly it appears i got the runt of the litter. This one barely overclocks by 40MHz, instead of the normal 135MHz. -__-
  4. From previous experience, you can not even take off the card. I felt as if i would break it when trying to take it out. luckily i had not yet bought an upgrade before trying this.
  5. You may reach the standard of the 660m with overclocking. too reach higher clocks you may need to overvolt it higher.
  6. That is an Amazing setup! Seen only better ones when buying from someone who did a review. As in Case my rig. Good job!
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