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  1. The bandwith should be sufficient. Most probably interferences! Is your wifi active? FYI I had the same problem with my MacBook and the solution was to change the Wifi channel of my router. I had to try a few channels, but finally found one giving less lag to the mouse.
  2. I Have mine for 2 years now and it seemed a bit outdated, but I just gave a new life to my M11XR3 just by installing Linux. It's totally supported and I can even play some games with Steam as it's ported on linux. Only problem: The battery is giving me only 5hours max of autonomy under that OS; it's a lot less than in Win 8. I'm still trying to tweak it a bit!
  3. I successfully installed Linux mint 14.1 with bumblebee without too much problems. Everything else works out of the box. Just be sure to edit /etc/init/bumblebeed.conf: original: start on (login-session-start or desktop-session-start) stop on (desktop-shutdown) Replace with: start on (runlevel [2345]) stop on (runlevel [016]) ... and everything should work as intended.
  4. I would go for a m12x (with hd reseolution of course!)
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