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  1. What's the reason for nothing newer than 359.00? I was about to make a post about being unable to use newer drivers then I spotted this thread.
  2. I have a P170EM (v2) with a 980M in it, both BIOS and vBIOS are the Prema ones - the Windows 10 updater says that the 980M isn't compatible with Windows 10. Would the v3 BIOS help with this?
  3. I'd love to upgrade my 680M to the 980M - and actually be able to upgrade my P170EM's GPU full-stop. This was the whole reason I got this machine in the first place.
  4. There is also the Crucial M500 series which is the successor to the M4 line. I have had only good experiences with my M4s. I'd recommend the Samsung 840 Pro, Crucial M500 or OCZ Vertex 4.
  5. It's a bit strange how the BCLK section doesn't show considering it did on a P150EM. At least in the meantime I can still use XTU for pushing turboboost up by 400MHz. I've never seen the BCLK slider in the past regardless of BIOS and ME version.
  6. I tried uninstalling XTU and resetting BIOS defaults, and on reinstalling XTU it's still the same as before. Not sure what else to try, besides trying a different revision of the ME. Screenshot of XTU: http://i.imgur.com/BjFOYT4.png
  7. I changed those values as well and flashed it but still no success in XTU after uninstalling and reinstalling which is a bit strange. Tried the older version of it too. Which BIOS are you using - the regular Clevo one? Here's my modified file again just to be sure: outimage.bin
  8. butt.bin Attached is my ME bin file - I think everything checks out. I don't see any BCLK options in XTU - I uninstalled the version I had already (4.0) and reinstalled but nothing. I tried the older version (3.something) but that didn't show anything either. I have a i7-3820QM but don't think this matters, as it was successful on a non-XM before in this thread.
  9. @Khenglish in your ME file under ICC Registers -> PI12BiasParms yours shows 0x00000888, whereas mine shows 0x08880888 - I understand the rest of the changes you made in your .bin file but I'm not sure what this is about. I have a P170EM myself. My ME build version is 1248. edit: I'm also using the latest Prema BIOS, if that's any help. I noticed in the regular Clevo BIOS versions that they show 0x08880888 for the same section.
  10. I can try other tests if needed but my time is limited due to finals this week. My problem is auto-throttling, but I am going to use foil tape on the heatsinks to close the gap between fan exhaust and the heatsink, and closed-cell foam to recycle less warm air, once the things arrive tomorrow or mid-week. Hopefully this will cause less throttling. (disregard the 50MHz discrepancy on the sliders on MSI Afterburner and what's showing for the memory clocks, I used Nvidia Inspector to adjust the clocks)
  11. I'm using the 1.050V vBIOS for the the 680M in my P170EM, on 314.22 WHQL drivers. I can get 1100/2400 stable (tested with Crysis 3) but any higher causes the game to freeze and need killed via task manager. Are there any driver settings that need changed or am I pretty much at the limit?
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