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  1. Quick question, is the vBIOS mods for ultrabay from the OP is usable for Windows 8.1?
  2. Hello, sorry if this question is asked before. Where I can download the vbios for ultrabay (Windows 8.1). One of the forumers have their inbox packed and I couldn't send a PM to him.
  3. Update: Turns out I have to use Nvflash for Windows and DON'T rename the ROM file and flash, restart and it works!
  4. Y500 -Y400 - SLI 650m - - OC.rom.zip (49.7 KB, 129 views) this one? or there is another one because, I flash it agaiin it never work :3 Still the same, and I manage to flash v2.04 the unlock bios but I don't manage to flash the vbios for SLi (Ultrabay) @@ or place my backup vbios copy into Lenovo_Y500-Y400_-_Mod_[v2.04] (including update for 2.02 & 2.03 users).zip (1.96 MB, 270 views) then flash?? @@ Enlighten me please
  5. Hmm, Where is SLi flash for v2.04 - GT 650M
  6. Load default settings doesn't help. guess left the remove coin cell option. (Just check n1smo pictures, I don't think I'm able to find CMOS battery in this unit). Should i flash the stock v2.02 provided on the OP?
  7. Urm, I have a stock bios backup and when i flash it (similar how i flash the mod bios) the nvidia inspector still showed XX.XXX.XXX [MODIFIED] is there a work-around for this? or I need other bios tools to flash it? Because I need to send back to the service center for speaker repairs. Thanks in Advance.
  8. Those who flash 1.1v bios mods for ultra bay, does your GPU-Z give you wrong readings? I get 1250 Memory readings but I only clock 1100 for it.
  9. Hmm, how you set RAM timings in this modded bios.
  10. Which CPU you gonna get for upgrade?
  11. @octiceps Sorry my bad, my memory is hazy... yeah 2 hours Have you replace thermal pads as well? And... how you remove the back cover without break any pins? Enlighten me :3 @svl7 If I want to have a clean install my windows 8, do I need to reset my bios back to stock?
  12. I think IC Diamond cure times takes 12 hours. I maybe get shin-etsu because it heard good things about it.
  13. Sorry for asking this silly question, is Y500 able to upgrade the processor. I have a 3630QM model because I need to do some photo and video editing so does Lenovo have a white list for processors. If it didn't have, is it possible upgrade to 3740QM?
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