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    For those of you who don't care about your secondary graphics card anymore, you can dissasemble the card and use the case with padding / velcro strips to house the adapter fairly easily. You just need to make sure you bend some tabs out the way and line up the connection in the same way. Its similar to an earlier post I saw, just without the hard drive connection. I used chair tips (protection for chairs against floors) for spacing and that strong velcro strip stuff that has a a strong glue stick to it on either side for securing the adapter inside the 750m ultrabay graphics card housing. Everything is much more secure this way as the housing still locks in the same way as the old GPU did. If I really cared I would run a PCI extention but my setup is pretty sturdy and is in a safe location where things won't get bumped.
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    Sorry, didn't notice your edit straight away... As far as I'm aware, the only difference between the two versions of the adapter is the pull-down resistor on #CLKREQ (middle one in the vertical column of three near the ultrabay connector). In the version 3 of the adapter it is changed from 1k to 10k. But let me tell you, removing it completely will have exactly the same effect. Your adapter will work with this BIOS mod afterwards.
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    I got the XPS13 with 7th gen i7 for school as well and it's fantastic. Consistently over 10h battery life and extremely portable. I got the 1080p non-touch screen which offers plenty of real-estate for how small it is.
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    Hi all. I ordered a 980m, installed and in win10, it shows the 980m in device manager. However, even after modding the driver inf, and installing the driver, i am getting code 43 error and the card does not work. Am I missing some steps? (i am on A11 stock BIOS BTW). Thanks
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    I personally have a dell xps 13 that I use for school and I love it. The infinity edge display gives it a much smaller profile and the battery life is fantastic especially after undervolting the cpu. It's not the best for gaming but it can still play some lower end games especially if on lower settings.
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    Dell XPS 13? It's an Ultrabook with ThunderBolt 3 that fits all your needs except, it's a dual-core ULV CPU. But given their battery capacity, it should last you longer for your school work
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