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  1. I'm not very experienced with computer networking but I was wondering what kind of improvements you can see from upgrading from a wifi chip on the motherboard to a dedicated wireless card on a desktop. Thanks!
  2. With intel optane being released recently I was looking at their page for it and it said that it was only compatible with sata based drives but I have mostly seen people using them with exclusively HDD's. I was wondering if anyone had any experience using them with sata based SSD's or if this was even possible.
  3. I personally use Synergy as a way to extend my desktop's display to my laptop and allow for controlling the two with the same keyboard and mouse easily. It doesn't let you drag windows which is a downside but other then that It works really well and you can use copy and paste for moving websites between.
  4. I personally have a dell xps 13 that I use for school and I love it. The infinity edge display gives it a much smaller profile and the battery life is fantastic especially after undervolting the cpu. It's not the best for gaming but it can still play some lower end games especially if on lower settings.
  5. I personally have 67. Never realized I had so many they just built up over time.
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