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    Im certain they will have some hard opposition. But Im sure they can ride it out...
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    @Michael Don't think you want people walkin around your back yard with GPS units in there hands looking for a small box with goodies LMAO could get interesting though LOL
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    Thanks and Thanks SVl7, apparently I qualify for a number of discounts, and I am getting much better pricing than on the web. The only hangup now is they charged me a restocking fee, I never saw it on there website and the returns guy never mentioned it to me so I had to call returns and raise holy hell about it. They finally agreed to credit me back the restocking fee so I should be pulling the trigger tomorrow.
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    Okay so here's the scoop i am getting the order i posted above. After i had followed some advice from a conversation me and @Brian K. had, I emailed my last reps manager and explained the whole situation. not 2 hours later my last rep and his manager had spoke and reinstated the original order. The manager asked the other women to let him and his team handle it and allow the order they provided to go through. So everything is on track and i have resolution. I have an order number and its being sent out in a day or two. Its configured as above... It is a refurbished unit and I am okay with that as the system is an upgrade over my original order. I am getting a Black system instead of Red but i dont mind it the parts that make the beast i guess now i can say I went to the "Dark Side" lol @daveh98 i hope your replacement is of an acceptable condition upon arrival. Thanks Brian for that advice!
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