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  1. dell/alienware representative 'nactownag' has asked me (since his posts over at nbr have all mysteriously vanished...) to make aware that there is currently a new 25%+ promotion underway that he will be able to honor until his last day 09/05/2011, which can be obtained by following the instructions found within the following post: and contacting him via the information found within the following post: hopefully this helps some of those here preparing to order a new dell/alienware system, and he also stated he has a co-worker who might possibly begin assisting us with future $aving$ after he is gone...
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  3. Ahmed Mossam at bios-mods.com has uploaded an unlocked BIOS for the M15x, based on the Dell version A09. A very big thanks to him for his work!! Here's the link to the original thread at bios-mods: M15x BIOS unlocking request I have flashed this BIOS and the system works just as with the regular BIOS, the only difference is that there are several new menus accesible in the "Advanced" tab of the BIOS: -IGD - LCD Control Sub-Menu -SATA Control Sub-Menu -SATA Hard Drive The performance options have new sub-menus as well: -Plaform Thermal Configuration -Clarksfield QPI-Sub-Menu -Clarksfiled Memory Sub-Menu Unfortunately there are no frequency ratio options in the bios. Each of those has a couple of further submenus. Check out the pics of the screen in the spoiler for all details: Not every of the new options will be useful though, e.g. enabling eSata port multiplying won't do any good since the PM55 chipset doesn't support this feature. I haven't tested all the new options yet, but I'll definitely take a closer look at them. Instructions for flashing: - Download the unlocked BIOS files, they can be found here. - Download the BIOS A09 executable file (R293649.exe) from the Dell driver site and extract it and copy the files to the root of a DOS bootable USB drive. - delete the following files W6702M.A09, W6702MB.A09.bin, W6702MB.A09 from the USB drive - extract the .zip archive with the modded BIOS files and copy the three files to the root of your USB drive - rename the modded files (W6702M_SLIC.A09, W6702MB.A09_SLIC.bin, W6702MB_SLIC.A09) to W6702M.A09, W6702MB.A09.bin and W6702MB.A09 -Shutdown your system and boot from your USB drive -Type fa.bat and hit enter -follow the instruction on the screen, after the flashing is finished, the system will shutdown itself -restart your system and don't do anything, it will restart a couple of times before it will boot into Windows, don't worry. Everything at your own risk of course, I don't take any resposibility for bricked mobos. Crisis information should be available at bios-mods.com in case you mess up totally. Hope some of you guys test this as well and give some feedback. Again, a very big thanks to Ahmed Hossam from the bios-mods.com forums.
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  4. I had no problems with any Fallout. I think its overall the best game series I ever played. Right now I am going through the last DLC (Old World Blues). The quests in Fallout games are simply unmatched by any other game I think of, imo.
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  5. Haha, thanks man Unfortunately I don't have the time. Behind on my code as it is. I can give you a little tut on how you can change the colors by yourself though. Download Anolis Resourcer from here. Download irfanview from here. Download the ICONs.zip and OSD_for_Area-51_m17-R1.zip‎ from the original post. 1. Extract all icons from the zip files into one directory. 2. Use irfanview to change the hue of the unzipped icons. Only change what you need though. You can see which icons are needed in the next step. 3. Use Anolis Resourcer to open up AlienwareOn-ScreenDisplay.exe and you will see the icons under the BMP and PNG "folders". You can click on an icon and then select replace and select the icon that matches from your edited ones. 4. Save the file. 5. Replace the original installed exe with your edited one. 6. Done! I use Photoshop for hue changes but I mentioned irfanview as its free. If you are using Photoshop go to Image->Adjustments->Hue and Saturation. With the change hue functionality you basically can change the color to whatever you like. I haven't used irfanview in a long time but I know it has hue change capability and the ability to process images in batches. I had to create the HDMI IN icon as its unique to the R3/M18x, I've attached it to this post. The CD Eject icon can be found in the OSD_for_Area-51_m17-R1.zip file. The remainder of the icons are from ICONs.zip Drop me a PM if you experiencing any difficulty. Have fun!
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  6. Glad you guys like it. Thanks Posted it up on NBR with link here to download.... I like this place better
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  7. And of course which one is a better overclocker, since OCing offers extra power for free (as long as you don't mind the electricity bill).
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