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    This cooling mod was originally performed by Ashterfere and is being reproduced here:
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    Check it out: Eurocom Racer: Why the Radeon HD 6970M Rocks - AnandTech :: Your Source for Hardware Analysis and News The 6970M puts up an awesome show and I bet he wasn't using the latest 11.4 driver preview. Meaning it has the potential to pull ahead of the 485M WHILE consuming 20W less during peak load! Major design win for AMD there. As an aside, Alienware M17x-R3 is clearly the best AMD 6970M equipped system on the market thanks to it's integrated gfx support which gives up to 4+ hours of battery life (the clevo barely managed >2 hrs).
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    So with all the brain power on the forum, anyone think it would bw possible to add additional voltage options to the R2? I know Thewizwould be the one to talk about it, but thought someone out there would have some input. Now i KNOW this wouldn't benefit the xm cpus as they produce enough heat, but it would benefit the non xm cpus. I know with the 150mv increase, I could run a 540m at a stable 30% overclock. FSB @ 175mhz. So I think additional voltage could help close the gap between xm and non xm. Or at least make the non xm cpus more find to toy with. Even an extra 150 mv would be nice.
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    here is mine: it was running 27x for most of the run @ 2700mhz. only ran at 30x for maybe 20 secs.
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    hahah thats a good idea. pm me if you really want one.
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    here is a link for my thermal paste guide: Download THERMAL PASTE GUIDE.rar from Sendspace.com - send big files the easy way gpu replacement guide: Download M15x GPU.rar from Sendspace.com - send big files the easy way
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    I think that is possible (ie add voltage options for non xm cpus) but I also think one of the best we could/should do (in addition) would be to disable the power supply check in the bios. This way we could use a higher power PS (300W or more) so we could run full tilt without the power supply tripping. There is not much more power we could run through the system when running a 940xm, 2x5870etc.......but we cold increase stability. Its like when I had my Inspiron E1705 and was able to use a XPS M1710 power supply. That thing would OC like crazy and be super stable. D.
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