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    485M SLI for M18X is pretty much confirmed?
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    Thanks bro. I just started my long road to reading most of the threads here. The freedom is very much appreciated. Looking forward to making this one of my most visited sites.
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    Order Date: 3/7/2011 Order Status: Shipped Departed FedEx location CITY OF INDUSTRY, CA Shipment Dates Ship date Mar 14, 2011 Estimated delivery Mar 16, 2011 M17x-R3 en route!
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    Hmm, I seriously hope that is the case because I have an OEM 920XM, and a 940XM doing the same thing. I was able to put up these numbers today. My mother board is being replaced soon, so I hope that solves it. Was yours giving you the same error as mine? I really hope it's the motherboad that went and not the chips. After frying it how was yours acting ahmadmud? i7 940XM (ES) @ 4359.06MHz CPU-Z Validator 3.1 i7 940XM (ES) wPrime32 6.457 sec I had CPU-Z @ 4378.??MHz, but missed validating it and the FSB speed dropped so I caught it at the next best thing
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    This is a very nice prank http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rohN9rpho0
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