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  1. So, at NBR it seems someone posted a complete spec-sheet of the M14x. It was obviously removed (by the poster), but did anyone here get a chance to read it? I was late to the party... Edit: They are back up, but in case someone deletes them, let's have them here:
  2. Yeah man, I just noticed that too. Hopefully it stays open. The more places to talk about Alienware freely, the better. They did mention something that somehow I completely missed. The picture with the 2 computers must be comprised of the M14x and M18x. I thought it was an M17x at first but it doesn't have the trapezoid on the bottom. I'm liking that stealth look a lot.
  3. Thanks bro. I just started my long road to reading most of the threads here. The freedom is very much appreciated. Looking forward to making this one of my most visited sites.
  4. Hello fellas. WaR from NBR here.. Signed up exclusively for HWiNFO32, and the rumors threads that apparently are not rolling well with the bosses at NBR. A shame really. Back in the day you could discuss anything you wanted on those forums. Nice site guys.
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