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· Edited by robinhall13

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Thanks very much, it's a relief to move beyond the stock P870DM-G BIOS.  However, I appear to have an issue with the network port not detecting the cable. Any ideas?


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hey sorry for my english but i'm from poland. I have a problem with my Clevo p870dmg after uploading bios baked 2.0 everything was ok but I couldn't install the drivers for my gtx980 8gb so I uploaded the stock bios and now the laptop does not start after pressing the power button the battery diode blinks green and the laptop turns the fan orange and that's all please help

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Overall a very good bios, easy to flash, no problems, a lot of options unlocked, a 5 star bios. thx for that.

Pls keep me up to date for any teaks or fixes for this bios (the CPU overclock options and the clean menus)

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Don't matter about clean up. Whatever you need you can find. Unlocked CPU multiplier is needed however. XTU is garbage to use

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majster msi

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Could you please unlock cpu overcock tab and make some cleanup ;) ?

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· Edited by ReD-DeViL

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need help after flashing this bios windows 10 no longer sees either of my nvidia 970m's but there both showing in bios ive tried flashing standard bios and still get same problem they worked fine before i flashed your unlocked bios all windows shows is microsoft basic display adapter ive tried everything and searched for hours and hours with no luck tried all drivers and used driver uninstaller and did a clean install of windows, nvidia drivers dont detect cards so cant install the drivers please help thanks..... Right update ive managed to get the drivers on by reverting back to standard bios and modifying the .inf file in the driver as for some reason the cards id's have changed but only problem is iam stuck at 65hz instead of the standard 75hz and iam no longer able to overclock to 100hz screen goes fuzzy after 65hz and ive also lost g-sync i guess i may have to try force an older bios as it stills says same bios version as the unlocked one

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seems I'm getting the no GPU's as well, 2 980M just aren't here. microsoft basic display adapter and a ! 3d video controller. 

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