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  1. And you will get black screen on internal lcd or even on hdmi output (when as gpu is msi 1070). The same situation is on msi gt72vr with gtx 1070 it only gives image on UEFI mode . Belive me :). You can flash bios in uefi mode it is no need to get in legacy mode... It is only edited bios using amipcb there is more to do to override flash protect ...
  2. If you have gtx 1070 you will have black screen when uefi will be off. @Baked Please update bios for clevo 870dm-g with OC tab and small cleanup :).
  3. majster msi


    @Baked Could you please unlock cpu overcock tab and make some cleanup ?
  4. majster msi

    GTX 1060 in GT70 and GT72

    On wednesday I should receive gtx 1070 with heatsinks . I will confirm compatibility with gt72 (haswell edition - i7 4720)-ms-1781. I give 99% that it works like in ms-1782.
  5. majster msi

    [BIOS/vBIOS - MODS] Prema Mod™ & Stock

    On old 359.06 with prema vbios mod v1 I got around 13k in 3dmark 11. On new 361.75 with prema vbios mod v2 I got only 11600 points in 3dmark 11 . New drivers sucks ?
  6. majster msi

    [BIOS/vBIOS - MODS] Prema Mod™ & Stock

    I have the same issue on msi gt 80 with prema vbios mod on 361.43. On oryginal msi vbios it is ok . Nvidia locked something in new drivers?
  7. @svl7 Unfortunately with your bios I can`t install drivers I have : Btw could you unlock my posted bios ?
  8. Thank you. Just change extension for .rom . hp k5100m.zip
  9. @svl7 80.04.AE.00.04 (P2053-0503). In my dell precision I have installed dell vga card but probably with hp customized bios and for example there is problem to turn off optiomus in bios - No display. Thats why I am searching oryginal dell bios for k5100m.
  10. Could somebody upload oryginal dell k5100m vbios?
  11. majster msi

    [BIOS/vBIOS - MODS] Prema Mod™ & Stock

    Ok but you are talking about overclocking using your bios mod so how can I overclock my i7 3740qm without unlocked options in bios. You think I can brick clevo using amipcb and setting options from default to user ?
  12. majster msi

    [BIOS/vBIOS - MODS] Prema Mod™ & Stock

    Hi. I am new Clevo user . I was always using msi with bios moded by myself . Now I decided to get clevo p150em just for testing and I have flashed prema mod bios. I don`t see unlocked options in bios after flashing. Any idea? I can unlock bios options by myself but I wanted to save some time . I see it is the same scenario to unlock as in msi bios. (amibcp).
  13. majster msi

    [M17x R4] - 'unlocked' BIOS versions

    Bus speed or rather BCLK- base clock it doesn`t work in alienware. There is leak of intel me libraries . I have msi gt60 also and there I can change bclk. I also noticed that overclocking/changing settings on memory doesnt work - no display after changing options. On msi gt60/70 overclocking works much more stable . Little shame for alienware.

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