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    Don't matter about clean up. Whatever you need you can find. Unlocked CPU multiplier is needed however. XTU is garbage to use
  1. R4 has slightly modified heatsink and fans spin a bit faster 400-600 rpm I think. Other than that they are pretty similar. The new ones, after Dell bought alienware, are crap imo.
  2. But 880m is 780m with an overclock and some voltage tweaks. If you do get 780m, get modified vbios or make one yourself with kepler bios tweaker. Just find a copy of 880m vbios and replicate the settings in 780m vbios, then flash it. As for 980m I might be wrong but I think you can get it to work if binary is modified in bios. Since PCI-E will be slower than on the new MXM (since you have old version 2.0 I think) it might create issues there.
  3. You will need moded heatspreader for GPU as well as moded bios to work with your laptop. I am not sure about the vbios part. I am hoping to fix mine as well and upgrade. Also since you have integrated GPU on CPU it will have to be disabled in order to work properly unless someone can make you a modified bios that will switch on the fly
  4. So I bought an older model M17xR3 with 6990 AMD GPU in it. When I turn on the PC the Screen blinks, image get crooked until I boot into the system. Also it won't load the video on YouTube. I can view the pictures on google just fine and load pages as well. Can anyone help me out ? Is it bad GPU or what should I do ?
  5. I am interested on this one as well
  6. Flu

    SAGER NP9870 OC

    Hi guys. I have an NP9870 but instead of i7 6700k it came with non K version. Is there any way to overclock it ? I already OCed RAM and GPU but CPU is where I am stuck at
  7. Oh snap, I didn't know it. Well just did it. PC turned on everything other than windows working. Going to reinstall OSes and then report back
  8. Reviving old thread. Question, Klem I locked myself out of PC like it doesn't turn on or anything after XTU overclock. Is there any other way to return bios to stock other than USB method as I don't have any reaction at all from my computer or is it screwed at this point ?
  9. will it work if it is non K model processor. I have p870dm-g but I have regular i7 6700 (non K) or is BLCK locked on these ?
  10. yay! I am gonna try this thingy on my old laptop. Thinking of adding an extra layer of heatsink to my P870DM-G
  11. I am gonna test this out. Does the microphone pick up the sound to reflect the light ?
  12. Need to add Clevo Keyboard software mod
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