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AW M14X R1 Overheating

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 So I pretty much overhauled my entire unit(removed battery, ram cover, and cleaned the GPU fan) and then after that my laptop started beeping 4 times. In response, I did the 60 seconds hold power button rule then it booted normally.


 Only problem is, the bios was obviously reset, so it started behaving strangely(getting high temps).


Any bios versions you would recommend for me guys? And how do I bios upgrade it without using my battery?



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According to the Alienware beep code table, 4 beeps would indicate that there was a memory (RAM) failure. Either reseat your memory sticks or test them individually. If it was actually 5 beeps then it'll be the CMOS battery. This is what causes the BIOS to reset as I'm assuming when you were cleaning your fan and taking the motherboard off the chassis, you had to disconnect the CMOS battery. This is what happened to me as well after cleaning out my fan. There's no need to reflash the BIOS if it was working fine for you before, although I would recommend having it up to date with the version AO8 from Dell Drivers. Unless you've got an SSD and want to use it at full SATA III speeds, you'd need the *AO8 BIOS mod with SATA III fix* made by svl7. Now then...as for your recurring high temperatures, I'm not too sure what to make of it. What are the temps that you're getting? After my cleaning, I'm having 45C on idle and 75C on load. Did you actually clean the grill for the heatsink and take apart the fan or did you just blow into the fan from below the chassis? That wouldn't help if your grill was initially filled with dust as they are trapped between the grill and the fan. You'll need to fully dissemble the laptop as I did with mine. If you've already done that then it's most likely that you need to do a thermal repaste to your CPU and GPU. This also requires you to dissemble your laptop right down to the heatsink.

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