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  1. After months of figuring out why my Alienware M14 R1 has been overheating, I've discovered that it had something to do with the bios. I've tried every compatible BIOS on the Dell website and have failed to solve the problem. Still gets hot even on idle. Except, Dell doesn't have A06 for some reason. Do you guys have a copy of the A06 BIOS? Dell Customer Support is pretty crappy .
  2. So I pretty much overhauled my entire unit(removed battery, ram cover, and cleaned the GPU fan) and then after that my laptop started beeping 4 times. In response, I did the 60 seconds hold power button rule then it booted normally. Only problem is, the bios was obviously reset, so it started behaving strangely(getting high temps). Any bios versions you would recommend for me guys? And how do I bios upgrade it without using my battery?
  3. Hi, I'm Maxilos from the Philippines! Mabuhay! I came here after googling eGPU's, then I found this forum site. Pretty neat. I also happen to own an old Alienware M14X R1, so I'm looking forward to tweak it a little with the help of this site.
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