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[M17xR3] Accidentally activated the internal grafics in an unlocked A12 Bios


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Hi there,

a few days ago I accidentally activated the internal grafics of my M17xR3 via the Unlocked A12 BIOS fromthis site in order to fix a problem with my grafics card. The problem is though that that option isn´t available in a factory version of the Bios because the internal grafics don´t work together with the 120Hz screen. Because of that change the Laptop is unable to boot so I can´t even access the BIOS anymore. I already tried to change using Fn+F7 and an external scrren but that didn´t help. I also reseted the Bios, but didn´t work since the internl grafics are enabled by default. I don´t get any beeps.


I thought of a few solutions to this problem:



- I  could buy a screen that is supported by the internal grafics.  The problem is that I don´t know what the internal grafics support and if the screen´s plug would fit. Does anybody know something about the R3´s internal grafics?


- I could blind flash the BIOS to another version. Now I´m not sure if that will work, because I don´t really know what an unlocked BIOS is. Is it a Bios with added features to give the user more possabilities or is it a version that makes options visible wich also existed in the factory version of the BIOS but were invisible because of technical limitations? I currently have an unlocked A12 for the Ailienware M17xR3 installed but in that Bios version the internal grafics are activated by default. However this is not the case in the factory version of the A12 BIOS. Do you guys think If it would fix the problem? I currently have Windows 8.1 installed but the system came with Windows 7.

I plan to follow this guide for blind flashing: Link


-I could blind flash the BIOS with the same unlocked BIOS that I have already installed. I know that wouldn´t change anything, but maybe I could manipulate the default settings so it would work again.


Maybe someone has an Idea or two to help me out I would be very happy to be able to work with the machine again! (I mostly need it for Video editing)








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I could try that. Maybe it will automaticly and only choose an other screen if the internal doesn't exist. I have an old external screen that should be bad enough so the internal grafics should be able to handle it. 

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