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GTX 980M 8GB from MSI in Alienware 17


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Hi guys,


I was trying to install GTX 980M from MSI laptop in my Alienware, but i still can't install driver for this GPU. Can you help me ? Please look at the Hardware ID and give me a tip what should i do to install it. Thanks


Hardware ID of GTX980M is PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_1617&SUBSYS_05AA1028 ( This is in device manager ).


What should i do to make it working, or how should i edit nvdmi.inf to make it working ???

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Guide here:


Basically what you do is find a laptop in the driver string that is supported, and switch out its subsystem ID for yours. For example for my P150EM I would find all P150SM subsystem IDs and replace them all with mine.


Also MSI mxm cards are only 4GB, but the memory clocks higher than any Dell or Clevo card.

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Thanks Kenglish but i know that, when i'm modding the driver i've always get "  The hash for the file is not present in the specified catalog file  ... " and i can't install it.

The card have 8GB it is from the MSI GT72 Dominator PRO. 

Do you know any way to resolve " The hash for the file is not present in the specified catalog file ... " issue ?

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For me it worked fine, but I have had many issues in the past with drivers when swapping out laptop GPUs. Usually I have to reinstall Windows to get it to work right.


On older AW laptops you could set to use the dGPU as the primary GPU in BIOS and disable the iGPU. Can you do that on your system? This gets by many of the card swapping issues.

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