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  1. It might be little bit stupid question, but I went through the whole post and haven't found an answer. Is this new 2.0v. will work with P775DM3 with i7-6700 ?
  2. Hi, I would like to ask you about Intel Rapid Storage Technology, since few weeks I have a problem with my RAID0 ( 2x 512GB SSD disks ) after I shut down Windows, and power on the laptop, I have a message that RAID is damaged and one of the disks is missing. So i figured out that I'll check it in BIOS settings, and in BIOS everything is OK, 2 DISKs are visible, RAID status is NORMAL, if I run Windows after BIOS, then everything works perfectly, but if I run windows in 1st place, there is always raid error, and one of the disks is missing. Have you met a similar problem, do you have any idea how to fix it? I have to admit that I had reinstall Windows, and it's not helping ( Windows 7 and 10 were tested ).
  3. Score 13200 is OK for my i5 processor, graphic score is 21789 so it is perfect. I have disabled g-sync + uninstalled Clevo Control Center. Topic to close.
  4. G-sync disabled , 3dmark Firestrike score : 13200
  5. G-sync is enabled, i have high performance enabled. GPU usage is around 80% in max. So something is wrong, i have reinstalled drivers, changed performance setting in NVIDIA settings but still i don't have 100% GPU CPU max TEMP : 56, GPU MAX TEMP: 68
  6. Hi, Some days ago i have bought Dream Machines ( Clevo p775dm3-g) with GTX 1080, once i received package i started to test it, and it was hard to believe but i have very low performance. My config: Procesor i5-6600K VGA GTX 1080 16GB DDR4 2133MHz Windows 10 PRO Samsung NVMe 950 EVO Score: All test where with native resolution 1920x1080 3dMark Firestrike : 8900~11000 (it is not constant) 3dMark Time Spy : 6200~6800 Overwatch (EPIC) : 45~80 FPS Witcher 3 (UBER) : 40~87 FPS I have newest drivers for 1080, BIOS is up to date. Do you have any idea why performace is so low or why there is large variance ?
  7. It's hard to make it working ;S, i can't help you since i have bought clevo p775dm3-g. Try to find modded whole package, there is forum http://www.laptopvideo2go.com/ you can easly find files there.
  8. Thanks for help, i have done it ! It's working now, i had to install 352.64 MOD drivers + reinstall windows and now it's working. Thanks for Help.
  9. OK, i have succesfully installed the driver, but now i cannot switch GPU for NVIDIA nor automaticly or manualy ( button ), have you meet this problem ?
  10. Hi guys, I have modded and install my GTX 980M, but it switch GPU doesn't work, i cannot change GPU for NVIDIA ;(, is there any fix for it ?
  11. Thanks Kenglish but i know that, when i'm modding the driver i've always get " The hash for the file is not present in the specified catalog file ... " and i can't install it. The card have 8GB it is from the MSI GT72 Dominator PRO. Do you know any way to resolve " The hash for the file is not present in the specified catalog file ... " issue ?
  12. Guys i would appreciate all kind of help, i have 6 more days to return the card if it won't work.
  13. Hi guys, I was trying to install GTX 980M from MSI laptop in my Alienware, but i still can't install driver for this GPU. Can you help me ? Please look at the Hardware ID and give me a tip what should i do to install it. Thanks Hardware ID of GTX980M is PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_1617&SUBSYS_05AA1028 ( This is in device manager ). What should i do to make it working, or how should i edit nvdmi.inf to make it working ???
  14. Is there any FAQ/GUIDE how to change VBIOS, i don't realy understand where and how should i edit it ?
  15. Hi. I'm lolking for unlocked K5100M vbios with more than 135MHz on Core and more than 500MHz on MEM Wysłane z mojego LG-D802 przy użyciu Tapatalka
  16. Great but i don't see any of K5100M ulocked VBIOS here do you have it ?
  17. Hi guys i'm new at this topic and i have question, i have bought K5100M from HP unit, but after put it to my Alienware 17, i can't install drivers, could you tell me what can i do now? If i change vbios for DELL's one it should work ? Do anyone have such VBIOS prefer with unlocked clocks . Thanks
  18. One question is this true that if i use liquid ultra i won't be able to remove heat sink after few weeks? I have heard that it will weld cpu core to heat sink.
  19. Great to read this, i have just bought Liquid Ultra hope that will help.
  20. Hi guys, does it exist? I have change my i7-4710mq for i7-4930mx, and now i have 96 degrees on CPU. My paste is Gelid Extreme so i think my heat sink is to weak.
  21. Hi, have you bought mx? What kind of heat sink do you have? I have i7-4930mx and on stock clock under watchdog i have 97 degrees, do you have same problem?
  22. Thanks guys, i have ran my K5000M with svl7 modded bios and it works perfectly clocks 900/2200 and 4900 points in FireStrike! 75 degrees on gpu after playing for 3h
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