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getin m14x on black friday?

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hey guys, i been looking to get an m14x with practically these settings...

i5 processor

1.5 gb graphics

8gb ddr3 ram

900p screen

750 gb hard drive - or should i stick with teh 500 gb for 100$ or so less?

the wireless carrd.. idk should i get the killer one? i heard bad things about dells wireless or alienwares... so is the killer one necessary?

ok well should i get that on black friday? hopefully they will have nice sales...

or should i wait for the ivy bridge to come out? will ive bridge be able to fit into my comp? can i update my i5 sandybridge to i5 ivy bridge later? idk

ideas please?

i heard ivy bridge is quite a bit better than sandy bridge, quad core processor... very little power usage aswell... 35W i think they made one for that... but also, that the sandybridge actually had some problems with it, and ivy bridge has all that stuff patched and pretty much its a really stable processor... idk let me knw...

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you can get 25% off on the dell outlet atm, check this thread out. http://slickdeals.net/forums/showthread.php?sduid=98793&t=3440164. I seen an m14x in there this morning for 850 dollars, so after 25% off you can imagine what kinda price you can get one for.

I think most of them got snatched up throughout today though.

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