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MSI PSU upgrade for overclocking GTX780m?


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I'm new to the forums, and been banging on about a question.

I have an MSI laptop GT70 Dragon Edition II with GTX780m .GPU. I've flashed the BIOS with original updates, and I have only been able to overclock the GPU clock up to 970mhz stable, and 2900mhz for the RAM.

I've read that with proper unlocked BIOS's you can get up to 1020mhz, in the meantime it'd be better to upgrade your power supply too..

so I'd be glad if experienced members would share their experience.

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You’ll have to flash a modified Vbios to achieve high overclocks. Nvidia locks them at +135Mhz if I’m not mistaking. I kind of doubt you would have issues with power, but that could very well be possible. With the graphics overclocked and the cpu at full load, you may experience power throttling. If that’s the case you might try and find a power supply from another laptop possibly. You’d just have to make sure it fits power and size wise.

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Another psu won’t help, since ec firmware limits the power consumption. You could undervolt the cpu and remove all devices that need power to get the maximum overclock for the 780m. 

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