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  1. the choice is simple, definitely in this case Clevo. Alienware is just a badge for which we have to pay more for more. Clevo / MSI is the best way.
  2. is it possible to limit the EC card to a stronger graphics card, will it not run? I have 8970M in MSI GT683 and gets a black picture.
  3. I am already using Discord. And Im recomended it.maybe it's not perfect but enough
  4. NVIDIA GTX 675M from DELL works fine with the GT683 as plug and play, you only need to modify the driver to run at full performance.
  5. rudy

    MSI 16f2 with GTX970m?

    Hello, I am also interested in this card. is it much better than 8970m, with which I have many problems to run it.
  6. rudy

    MSI G-Series Unlocked BIOS

    Hello, I have an MSI GT683 and I wanted to mount 8970m from clevo to it, I changed the bios of the graphics card on MSI. I also changed the bios of the motherboard to unlocked. I started the legacy. The laptop starts, you hear the sounds but there is no picture. Please help
  7. Hello everyone, my name is Paul. I'm interested in computers since I can remember. For a long time I have been looking for a specific knowledge base and I have just found it. I hope I will be helpful and for you. Sorry for my English.
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