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dell/alienware representative 'nactownag' has asked me (since his posts over at nbr have all mysteriously vanished...) to make aware that there is currently a new 25%+ promotion underway that he will be able to honor until his last day 09/05/2011, which can be obtained by following the instructions found within the following post:

Originally Posted by nactownagviewpost.gif

Please read this entire post

Here's the deal guys/gals, I need you all to please help me with this. I've gotten what seems like 100 emails from people and 99% of them go something like this:

"Hey I'm looking at an M17x what can you do for me"

I don't mean to be rude but this does nothing for you or me besides waste me 15 seconds to open the email and read it.

The situation is tough because I'm constantly being watched and monitored and I have to make sure that I'm taking inbound calls as well as helping you guys.

Yes...most of my deals end on 8/20/11. Also my last day at Dell is 9/5/11 (moving to a new job in a completely different field while I'm still in sales).

Now here's how you can help me help you

#1...please don't give me a hard time with negotiating. We can talk about it a little but I truly am giving y'all a sick deal most of the time. I won't name any names but a few people keep asking for more or different configs for same price or more discount. I'm giving everyone the MOST i possibly can. If a system has 20 bucks in margin/profit I'm not giving you another $100 off or a free bag. Don't ask. Again not trying to be rude but let's get real...the deal is already awesome.

#2...when you email me, please tell me the EXACT specs that you're looking for (processor, memory, screen res, hard drive, led color, namplate, EVERYTHING) because it takes time to create quotes and go back and modify them if I have to add a nameplate or something. This is also beneficial so if I'm not available via phone to place order you can have an accurate quote # to call in and place the order. If you have to change the quote then the discount goes away.

#3...send me your name, address (billing/shipping), AND phone number in the email. I need this to be able to create a quote for you. International folks, this can be difficult to deal with. Sometimes it goes through...sometimes it doesnt. It's hit and miss.

#4...People who want to spend more are going to save more. This is a fact of life. If you want to buy the base level M14x I'm probably not going to be able to save you much $$$ but I'll be able to give you a better warranty or more RAM or something for the same price. Why you ask? Because if you don't want to add anything to it then there is no profit or margin for Dell. I'm not about to sell you a system that has negative 200 bucks margin and hurts Dell and my paycheck. Sorry.

#5...if you can and it makes no difference...PLEASE USE A DELL PREFERRED ACCOUNT TO PAY FOR YOUR SYSTEM. It helps me out tremendously. Even if you open an account and put $1 on the account and the rest on your credit card for airline miles. I'm serious.

I'm sorry for having to be so direct. I know this is an awesome deal but I have to be as efficient as I possibly can to make sure everyone gets served before the deal is done and I'm done at Dell.

By the way, I'm not going to be in the office this Friday/Saturday so Wednesday/Thursday is it. Two more days.

If I haven't responded to your email, don't take it personally. Just re-send your email to my DELL account...read a few posts back to decipher what it is.

I know I haven't posted since I first posted way back when and I apologize for that but I never realized it would be this big of a deal. I hope everyone understands.

I think the people that have dealt with me know that I'm a good and fair guy to deal with. Just be reasonable and don't waste my time is all I ask.

Gig 'Em


and contacting him via the information found within the following post:

Originally Posted by nactownagviewpost.gif

What I'll try to do is this...and there are no guarantees because I'm busy today.

I will TRY to go to the office tonight around 8pm CST and create some quotes.

Here's the caveat: I won't be there for long and I'm not changing quotes so I literally need you to tell me every single thing that you want.

I need your name, address phone number (billing and shipping address if different). I can't ship anywhere outside the states.

Seriously guys, make sure I know everything that you want. Don't send me two different configurations. Just send me what you want. I might add RAM or I might add warranty to it (I have to have positive margin). Don't ask if you can change something...just take it and be happy (it's a great deal).

I won't be placing the orders over the phone tonight. I'll just email you the quote and you'll go to www.dell.com/qto to place the order. If you tell me you are using a Dell Preferred Account (don't lie to me) you'll get first priority.

I'm moving some stuff from my apt to my familys house which is about 2 hours away so when I get back from there I'll stop by work and do it.

To figure out my email is my first name (signed below ) underscore last name (a guy who cuts hair) at dell dot com. I hope you can figure that out.



hopefully this helps some of those here preparing to order a new dell/alienware system, and he also stated he has a co-worker who might possibly begin assisting us with future $aving$ after he is gone... ;)

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I agree with StamatisX. Let's see if anything happens. :)

I wish he was here a year ago when I bought M17x. I think I managed about 17% discount online without a rep and a DPA (int student so don't have a US credit rating). On the other hand, they give you big discounts when you take quite a few upgrades from them, most of which are pretty overpriced -- RAM, CPU and HDD/SSD to name a few, so it would be wise to recalculate the *actual* discount using say Newegg prices on those upgrades and doing them on your own.

Btw, Jason... Haircutter? :D

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:moneygrubber:A good portion of the time like last year even, when I was still using NBR, I could always find 15-25% coupons off the base price of anything I wanted. That and black friday, that have this for people that need it and can spend time finding it. Has that changed now?

I got 400$ off the base price of my lenovo Y460, I would never have been able to buy it for 999-1400 where it shifted in price, I got it for 699.00 during black friday. You can find good deals if you need then.

One major gripe everyone I argue with about desktop vs laptop is they always say, "oh desktops are like 5 times less expensive" and they keep spaming it lol...there just not spending enough time finding a deal that can satisfy them then.

Obviously people are going to know or have an idea of what a salesman approach is going to be like when selling products to customers, it doesn't need to be spelled out for us here like were children. Like I said before, you used to be able to find 15-20% coupons off base price all the time floating around for people that were so inclined. But no harm, nice to hear from a representative.

Id just like to add that just because a company isnt turning a profit doesn't makt it not sucessfull. Especially with dell I would think, they want your buisness if they are losing money even. There investers want to know how many people there serving just as much as how much money is coming in. Money only goes so far in this world.

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me and my mother are very good at negotiating sales from dell, we are long term customers and have bought things from computers to printers from them. The first time we were looking to get the m14x, i got it for under the base price :3, however it would have had the 720p screen and i really wanted the 900p. So we waited and i got a little bit less of a deal.

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