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Inspiron 15r went dark


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My 5year old Inspiron 15r notebook is not responding anymore. When I push the power button, the power light goes on and then nothing happens. After two seconds only 2 beeps, but the screen remains dark. Is that the motherboard, the GPU or the screen? I don't think I fried it.

It had some heat issues before: All of a sudden it would turn off. I realized it was overheating and was just shutting down.

Moreover, I guessed the fan is full of dust and I needed to clean it by taking the notebook apart and blowing the fan with canned air. The fan and grill were just to meager for this system. Dell has sometime quality issues

If nobody has a clue I will need to throw it away...

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Hi sorry for a delayed reply, i only just joined

In hope you havent binned your notebook yet, what type of Inspiron 15R is it? e.g. N5110?

If it is a no POST beep code, 2 beeps can mean a memory failure.

In which case, take the bottom door off - you'll see the memory slots there.

If you have two sticks - try one at a time, in each separate slot of the system.

This can eliminate if you have a faulty DIMM, or faulty motherboard slot.

You might find that one of your DIMM's or motherboard slot is faulty, in which case, you can determine if you want to replace the faulty DIMM/run with only one DIMM in the system, depending on the problem...

Best of luck, let us know how you go if its not too late

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