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M6600 will a GTX 770M work


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Just curious why you would want to put a gaming graphics card in a Precision? Are you aiming to use the Precision for gaming, rather than CAD related stuff?

Or is it a matter of your graphics card having completely failed and youre looking for an easy replacement?

What current card do you have in your precision, is it a Quadro? I guess you could see if the heatsinks line up for starters, but other than that I imagine youd need to modify a video driver at least? I couldnt find an unlocked bios for M6600, not sure if thats relevant

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If you are still interested I can help you in the GPU upgrade a bit - just got an M6700 working with a GTX880m. It was a painful thing to do but it runs and seems to be doing it's job. Let me know if you are still on the topic.

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On Monday, 10 October, 2016 at 3:24 PM, szumial said:

If you are still interested I can help you in the GPU upgrade a bit - just got an M6700 working with a GTX880m...

If he's interested, do tell him...


As for me, I'm very interested in your M6700/ GTX880m tales.

Just overclocked the living hell out of a K3000M in a M6700 the other day. And I already know this K3000M card is not gonna cut it.

Therefore, I'll be looking for an upgrade along the lines of K4100M, K5100M, M3000M, M4000M, M5000M, GTX870M, GTX880M, GTX970M or GTX980 in the near future. Might take a while till I find a good deal, as these cards tend to be as expensive as fuck, and I don't want to blow through my wallet recklessly.


If you have deep technical knowledge about your GTX880M upgrade in M6700, I'd gladly listen to every bit of detail... if you're willing to share, that is.

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