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GTX 880m engineering revision Vbios?


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I just bought a 4GB GTX 880m off eBay. It has engineering revision Vbios that shows every time I restart my AW18.

Not sure what to make of it. After I installed it into my AW18 and reinstalled GeForce driver it caused all sorts of artifacts.

But it is fine if the GeForce drivers are not installed. I am currently reinstalling W8.1 to see if that fixes the problem.

Anyone have any ideas either in general about the card or the current issues it is causing?


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Being engineering sample it could any number of issue some maybe hardware some driver some vbios,if you have the option i would return it if it was an ebay purchase there are plenty of cheap cards about atm with the release of the 980m so why settle for a problematic card,Artifacting ordinarily in my book would indicate defective memory but thats not guarenteed,who knows what has been done to the card or how far its been messed with,bad thermal pads? memory timings overclocked repaired and engineering vbios applied?

Can you post a link to the auction in here lets see what the seller had too say about the card?

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