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I've recently been looking for a gaming mouse for MMORPGs. I found a few, but I can't seem to decide which is the best choice:

Logitech G600

Razer Naga 2014

Redragon Perdition

UtechSmart Venus

The Perdition and the Venus seem to be extremely similar. 18 programmable buttons, weight tuning cartridges, 5 profiles. Both sub $40, which is pretty nice. They're also the only 16400 dpi mice I could find, which is strange. Logitech's highest dpi mouse is 12k dps, I think (G502 Proteus Core; correct me if I'm wrong). On a side note, is 16400 dpi really necessary? Furthermore, Redragon and UtechSmart are two companies I've never heard of. Razer and Logitech are companies whose products I have much more familiarity with using.

The G600's G-shift button seems pretty cool, but I'm sort of confused about its function. Is the button itself programmable, or can it only be used to give all the other buttons a second function?

Does anyone have experiences with any of these mice? Especially with the Perdition and Venus, since I know so little about the companies and their products' quality. How are the weights and grip of each mouse? I generally prefer heavier mice and palm grip.

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TL;DR: Go with the Logitech G600. (please)

Briefs on each:


pros: very comfy mouse, lighter than it looks, super comfy, nice buttons on the side, G-shift

cons: cable is utter trash, remove the velcro on it asap or you WILL have perma kinks, i've already gotten a 2nd one from Logitech about this. Software is mediocre.

Naga 2014 - mirroring my experiences with the pre-2014 naga ::

pros: it works for a while, heavy (if you like that). Software is pretty decent

cons: wow, lets just copy Logitech's G600 more shall we? I'm so mad they just copied it like that. It will break fast. Anything else you can ask about, it's probably bad.

The other two::

pros: cheap!!

cons: heard they have TERRIBLE software. WHO IN THE WORLD NEEDS 16400 DPI??!?!?!??! NO ONE. Go ahead and /try/ to use it over 10k DPI. You just look like a fool.

G-shift is really nifty, kinda awkward to get used to. You'll probably hit it often for a while. I have my mouse setup for when I play TERA like so::

Buttons on the side no G-shift:


Buttons on the side with G-shift:


G-shift gives all the other buttons a second function.

Naga is great if you like heavy mice and a claw grip,,,, until it breaks. I've never had a single Razer product last that long.

G600 is great if you like lighter mice and a palm grip. I love heavy mice, but regardless I love this one. Logitech has amazing tech support.

Perdition and Venus you could try I guess sine they are cheap, but don't expect their software to be good.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

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