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  1. Hey whatsup everyone, my name is james. I have a Sager p150em that i have just recently started to overclock, and tweak. im here to learn some new tricks & tips !
  2. Razer Naga Chroma gets my vote !!! 12 side buttons ! The Epic model is wireless !
  3. I have a Corsair K95 at home, i really enjoy the RGB. the clickity Clack of the keys are incredibly loud and i would not recommend for an office environment.
  4. 44 Games, But PUBG is the only one installed and/or every played !
  5. I recommend sager ! I am still using my NP9150 /p150em from 2012 !!! Only issue was overheating due to plugged up radiator and fans with dust. Running strong 3.9ghz! all day !
  6. PUBG makes your hairs stand up and your hands sweat ! Lets get some squads going ! Add my name " DirtyElbierto " on the original pc or the mobile version !
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