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Alienware m14x SSD windows 7 installation error

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I have an alienware m14x r1. I just bought a samsung 840 pro 256GB SSD and while trying to install windows 7 I get 0x8007045D error (while expanding files)

Bios version is A03 (didn't upgrade BIOS as it might disable SATA3)

SSD is installed in place of old hdd.

Installation media is Windows 7 DVD.

I read another thread here where the problem was solved by interchanging hdd and sdd, but I want to keep my optical drive

is there nothing else I can try apart from taking my Optical drive out and putting my SDD in its place .

Should I just go for samsung data migration and get done with it?

Any help is highly appreciated.

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Latest update:

1. Updated the unlocked A08 Bios

2. Cloned Windows using Samsung Data migration.

3. Installed SDD -- voila! computer boots blazing fast.

3.a - OS optimization using Samsung Magician.

4. Ran Samsung, ATTO and AS SSD benchmarks -- getting ~250 MB/s -- abismal from ssd's perspective

5. Uninstalled Intel RST and got twice the performance.

I tried cloning and then reinstalling clean windows as well! still get the same 0x8007045D error.

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I am waiting on a new Samsung 840 EVO ssd. Have you resolved your issue? I've seen that data migration is not as good as a fresh windows install, but haven't been able to find if the samsung migration software accounts for any of the cloning issues.

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I am also looking to replace HDD with Samsung 840 EVO (500gb). Did you end up with the SSD in the original HDD slot (not the optical drive)? Do you still have the optical drive or did you caddy the original HDD?

I will post with my experience (still waiting on amazon to deliver the SSD)

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Just swapped out my HDD for a Samsung 840 Pro 256GB SSD this week.

I was able to install the SSD into the original HDD slot.

Samsung SSDs comes with an installation CD that enables you to migrate your current data on your HDD into your new SSD. Alternatively, you can just do a fresh install for windows.

The HDD slot is located under the optical drive so you will need to remove the optical drive to access it.

If you don't really need the optical drive, you can also purchase a caddy online and install your HDD into the optical drive slot instead

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