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Fix M17x R1 / R2 GPU overheating

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Hi guys, I couldn't get what I wanted for my laptop so I decided to keep it. As such I've been tweaking it again. I have a 6990m crossfire setup that is constantly overheating, so I tore my machine down today to try and fix it. I think this mod will work for any GPU in an R1 / R2, as I expect the heatsinks all have a similar deficiency. Let me know if you have a different card and this mod fixed your overheating issues. Thanks!

See what I did and pics here: M17x 6990m / 6970m overheating » imsolidstate

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Interesting. I am surprised at how small the radiators are for such a thick laptop. It looks like there was room to make the radiators about 50% taller, but Dell didn't.

You might also want to make a shroud around the vent to make sure no air is sucked back in. It helps for some laptops.

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Copper costs money and that's why DELL didn't make the radiator taller! Curious what thermal compound is on the heatsink to GPU? You might want to remove it and go with Arctic Silver 5 or IC Diamond although the latter in my experience can cause etching on exposed dies. Good luck!

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