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Need some help here with flashing vbios

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Well let me explain my situation. I have sager/clevo P151MSM1 (NP8230) with gtx 770m and i want to flash my vbios to unlock voltages etc etc. Using the vbios i found here; http://forum.techinferno.com/general-notebook-discussions/1847-nvidia-kepler-vbios-mods-overclocking-editions-modified-clocks-voltage-tweaks.html

Is there any tips or suggestions you can provide me before i proceed. I don't want to brick my card, also i am new to this. Your help will be appreciated thank you.

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First of all, you should make a backup of your vbios using GPU-Z, or NVFLASH.

If you never used NVFLASH before, make a bootable usb stick, and use nvflash -b backup.rom to make a backup of your current vbios.

In case anything goes wrong, you will be happy to revert your vbios to stock.

Learn to do a autoexec.bat too, to blind flash vbios if anything goes wrong and you screen stop functionning.

Always plug you laptop to wall power and have at least 30% battery charge before procedding to any flash attempt.

Otherwise everything should be fine as long as you choosed the right vbios for you machine. Have fun!

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Just download "nvflash for windows", place your new rom file to the nvflash folder, start Command Line and type this:

nvflash --protectoff

nvflash -4 -5 -6 new.rom

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    • By Turbosheild
      So, I am new here, and I was hoping that I could get some advice regarding flashing the vBios of my GTX 680M, residing within my GT70 (Valkyrie CZ-17, from iBuyPower). As time have progressed, what was once a cutting edge graphics chip is now struggling to retain the flair it once held, and I with to restore it to its former glory, ie) squeeze every ounce of performance that I can out of this card. This being said, while I have a basic-intermediate knowledge of overclocking, I am entirely new to the concept of flashing a vBios, and thus I am a bit apprehensive as the last thing that I want to do is fuck up a $600 graphics card.
      I currently run a moderate overclock of 800 MHz, and 2000 MHz on the memory, using the stock vBios. My goal is to achieve a base clock of 900+ MHz, perhaps even 1000ish with a sudo-boost of sorts, if that is possible.
      I have an MSI GeForce GTX680M (4GB)
      Running - GeForce 335.23 WHQL - as a driver.
      The current BIOS is -
      And the GPU is (obviously) a GK104, revision A2.
      I have been looking through the forums, and found what I thought to be a good BIOS, but it said that I didn't have access to the download, and all that I can find now is a vBIOS for a Clevo 4GB 680, and I have an MSI 4GB 680, so I worry of the consequences of using a such a combination of soft and hardware.
      Additionally, I have a question in regards to managing the thermals in this laptop. I currently have two external solutions, one moderately priced cooling pad with a 92mm fan, and a Jerry-rigged solution with a 10" desk fan that can successfully keep the laptop below 68C (stock clocks), with an ambient temp of ~20C.
      So, my question regarding cooling, are there any internal modifications that can be done to increase the potency of the internal fan, if the internal fan can be upgraded for a more effective model, or if there are any software tricks to turn the fan up to 11, metaphorically speaking.
      Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.
      (Seriously, I would really appreciate some advice here)
    • By 2eD
      So my r2's old gpu died and I decided it was a good time to upgrade. Got myself a clevo 8970m on BR44465.003. My laptop posts and I can hear windows starting but no LCD.
      I ended up trying this card in my 17 (r5) and although my bios can see the card neither atiflash or the device manager will recognize it. I have no idea what to do.
    • By Wotan
      Hi guys,
      I've gotten myself into a sort of funky pickle:
      I have installed a GTX770m in my MS-16F2 to replace the now antiquated GTX560m. After some heatsink modification on the mill and new thermal strips, the card went in quite easily. Now, my problem is that Nvidia's software, nor GPUz or any other install-able software will recognize the card. Nearly everything recognizes my display adapter as "Standard VGA adapter". However, when running Nvidia autodetect on my machine, it does detect the GTX770m. Additionally, I backed up the existing vBios on the card and the display adapter was recognized correctly, so I know its not just a matter of having a dead card.
      I already tried flashing my computer's bios with a newer and unlocked version. The flash was successful, but the video card situation hasn't changed.
      Does anyone have a version of the GTX770m vBios, or even better, and MSI specific copy? Any help in solving this issue would be greatly appreciated.
      Thanks gents
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