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Anyone play this game? It's an MMO FPS type of game where you're living in the zombie apocalypse and basically trying to survive against bandits and zombies. It started out as an Arma mod I believe but is now a standalone alpha that you can buy for $30 on Steam. Here's a video by some guy named Frankie which I've found pretty entertaining:

Saving Morgan Freeman (hilarious video):

Some videos by Morgan Freeman (Vectorbunny), so fucking hilarious:

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I've played the DayZ mod a while ago - it was good fun and made much better by meeting up with your friends. However the twitchy zombie animations and gawky running always mildly annoyed me!

Frankie however is awesome - I just watch his videos, regardless of the game, because he's so bloody funny!

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I quit playing this game 10 years ago as it was a buggy mess & the devs showed that would never be fixed, despite them making hundreds of millions from sales. 

since then it got an engine upgrade to Dayz:Stand-alone, then a console port, then a new map. Millions more for BI & the original dev team are long gone.

Despite all this time & money, most of the content from 2013 is only just being added back in & the game is still barely playable. 

Every few years I reinstall & do a few laps of chernarus, just to marvel that something so utterly broken can not only continue to exist, but also be popular despite overwhelming odds. 

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