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First attempt at watercooling in a 900D!


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Was told to post this here, here ya go.

I know it's kinda of over used, but I really love Corsair cases, I unfortunately bought at a bad time (before the 780 price drop, which is why I only have one) but I only use a 1080p 60hz monitor (waiting to possibly upgrade to 1440/4k) I know the watercooling was unnecessary but it was fun! sorry for no build log, this is all I got

Battlestation 1/6/14 - Imgur

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Nice System ;) My first thought was, why the heck is the GTX780 in the second slot?!? Until I realized it's a x16 too. :rolleyes:

The lights on top seems a bit bright to me, but it's ok so the components are clearly visible.

I like the MSI Lightning, how far can you push the card with water cooling?

Which type of Radiator do you use? 360mm?

Why did you choose a Super Tower like the Corsair 900D and not a Big Tower? Are you planning to add more graphics cards at some time?

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It's in the other slot because of a spacing conflict with a fitting, doesn't effect performance since it's still x16.

The top light stays off mostly because it's too bright.

The max I've gotten w/ overvolt is about 1.3 ghz (without 300% tdp bios).

I use 2x 480mm XT45s by Alphacool.

If I were to do it again I wouldn't have gotten a 900D, I was quite disappointed in the build quality and I honestly can't even lift the fully loaded case by myself.

I'll probably throw in another 780 at some point.

Sorry for the late reply btw, not really active here.

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