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  1. The shortcut packs aren't really "DLC" as they're already part of the base game, I believe he meant the map packs.
  2. ARMA is more of a simulation than what battlefield is, and battlefield doesn't try to be like ARMA, they're different games just like CoD and CF are different games. I do agree however that DICE/EA have been greedy money hungry bastards lately :/
  3. After logging a significant amount of hours in this game I would say that I enjoy it. HOWEVER the 10Hz tickrate is stupidly slow and ruining the game for it's players. while it's supposedly being increased to 30hz(which is still slow imo) the game is already too far gone for a majority of users, it's an unfinished product THAT SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN RELEASED. That said if you join in with a bunch of friends it can be a very enjoyable experience, IF IT DIDN'T FUCKING BALANCE YOU AWAY FROM YOUR SQUAD. They say that squad join doesn't appeal to the PC players, which leads me to believe that they don't even browse the forums, a feature that was in BFBC2, a much older game, should have been implemented from the start FOR ALL USERS. I do love the game, but it definitely has it's problems.
  4. Cable on my cans broke, was going to fix it myself but I'm lazy Thanks to @angerthosenear for modding for me
  5. IMO either the Corsair K70 (have one in in blue/with blues) or the Ducky Shine 3, the K70 has amazing build quality and I would recommend it over almost any other keyboard.
  6. i7 4770k Asus Maximus VI Extreme 16GB Corsair Dominator Platinum MSI GTX 780 Lightning OCed to 1.3 Ghz Custom watercooling on CPU, GPU, and MOBO 256 GB Samsung 840 Pro SSD 2TB WD Black 1TB WD Blue 900D
  7. It's in the other slot because of a spacing conflict with a fitting, doesn't effect performance since it's still x16. The top light stays off mostly because it's too bright. The max I've gotten w/ overvolt is about 1.3 ghz (without 300% tdp bios). I use 2x 480mm XT45s by Alphacool. If I were to do it again I wouldn't have gotten a 900D, I was quite disappointed in the build quality and I honestly can't even lift the fully loaded case by myself. I'll probably throw in another 780 at some point. Sorry for the late reply btw, not really active here.
  8. Was told to post this here, here ya go. I know it's kinda of over used, but I really love Corsair cases, I unfortunately bought at a bad time (before the 780 price drop, which is why I only have one) but I only use a 1080p 60hz monitor (waiting to possibly upgrade to 1440/4k) I know the watercooling was unnecessary but it was fun! sorry for no build log, this is all I got Battlestation 1/6/14 - Imgur
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