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Gintama is hilarious, its lighthearted and doesn't take itself to seriously, spoofing in over 200 episodes almost all anime under the sun. The DraBleaPiece episode is particularly funny. At the same time it has excellent battle arcs, with deep character development in a non-typical shonen style. Nothing is sacred to the show and anything can be made fun of, often regularly it own writers and producers. On the whole a great show, if you don't take it too seriously.

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I enjoy watching multiple anime at once, for different purposes (example: Not watching Sarazanmai on the bus, while Futari wa Precure: Max Heart is great while waiting for bus after work)
2-Carole & Tuesday
3-OPM S2
4-Isekai Quartet
6-Hitori Bocchi
7-Dragon ball filler list.
8-Hunter X hunter.
9-The Rose of Versailles
10-Heidi: Girl of the Alps
11-My hero academia filler list.
**Favorites / Least Favorites:
**Sarazanmai and Yuu Yuu Hakusho is my favorite of the ongoing shows on animefillerlist, while The Rose of Versailles is probably my favorite of the non-ongoing shows. Dororo is probably my least favorite of the ongoing right now, varying in quality between the episodes. Tweeny Witches is my least favorite of the non-ongoing shows. 

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I know that the thread is semi-dead, but here's to hope 2023 won't have as many isekais as previous years did.

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