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  1. A little update. After getting my hands on a donor fan, I can now attest that half of the issue was the old fan. That being said, new fan, while passing PSA proper, refuses to spin up while GPU is under stress. Well, at least it responds now to speed changes in HWInfo.
  2. I know that the thread is semi-dead, but here's to hope 2023 won't have as many isekais as previous years did.
  3. Hey there, Klem. thank you for still helping us with A15 Bios. Does unlocked BIOS have an option for fan speeds correction? Trying to fix my gpu fan. If so, could you unlock mine? https://www.sendspace.com/file/wnuxwb Appreciated.
  4. No, I did a clean install prior to setting up new GPU, so there is no Dell stuff, well, aside some basic drivers and AWCC.
  5. Hey there. I have an M17x R4 which had its’ initial GPU die. That in turn caused gpu fan to go up to 4500-4600 rpm. I have since successfully installed 980m, but it seems that GPU fan is stuck at that speed. I’ve set up A15 bios (locked), but it didn’t help. PSA gives me error 2000-0511 on video fan, which, according to dell forums, means either software or hardware issue. Neither can I control the fan speed in HWInfo - the program tells me gpu sensors/readings are disabled (despite actually showing respected readings in “sensors” tab). Am I missing something here or is it just faulty gpu fan?
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