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  1. Objection! You haven't finished watching Psycho Pass because season 2 is airing this winter (3rd episode already aired).
  2. I didn't do preset overclocking, my motherboard allowed custom voltage settings and memory clocks. So I manually cranked up the GHz in increments of .1 - .2 GHz through the BIOS settings. Then I checked how hot the CPUs ran under load with the specific overclock settings.
  3. Noctua NH-D14 air cooling with Arctic Silver 5 Polysynthetic Silver. I last repasted the CPU before attaching the Noctua heatsink (I don't remove the heatsink at all).
  4. @angerthosenear, do you have any plans to watch the animes of this summer season?
  5. I don't think he'll answer, most of new members on this forum don't revisit.
  6. Depending on the laptop, you might not be able to support 3 antennas as several wireless cards would require for optimal performance
  7. It should be streaming on CrunchyRoll on July 5th, 2014 (here).
  8. First episode of Sword Art Online Season 2 will air on July 5th, 2014 (here) in Japan.
  9. The DLC mainly comes from EA, DICE didn't even offer most of their Battlefield 4 DLC (grenades, shotguns, pistols, dmrs, etc) until a few months after Battlefield 4 was released. I recently got an update for Titanfall and there wasn't any noticeable changes except an option to purchase DLC in-game.
  10. At this point regarding the current anime season, you might as well refer to random curiosity's spring 2014 season page (
  11. The CPU is paired up with a Gigabyte X79-UP4 motherboard. I'm using Kingston HyperX 1600MHz RAM sticks, checked for ram errors with memtest86+ (no errors found). Fortunately, the system almost never freezes (I would be more worried if it were more frequent). UPDATE (5/21/2014): I ran my i7-3930k @ 4.2GHz with 1.224 core voltage. I found the max temperature to be 78 C, which is significantly higher than stock clocks (62 C) and Tcase (66.8 C) as noted by Intel. I suppose I'll stay away from overclocking this chip for now.
  12. I agree that enclosures aren't always preferred. Aside from the actual costs that go into the making of the enclosure, there is no actual competition for cheap solutions on the market. MSI's GUS II was announced 2 years ago (in January of 2012 The Verge briefly showed it), but we still don't see it on the market (people speculate it to be ~$150 or more). I recently came across one of your old posts (here), and I would go with a hwtool's recalled TH05 if I could (the product page doesn't exist "anymore" but here). Also, Thunderbolt hasn't been widely adopted by most laptop manufacturers. Dell has yet to announce a mobile Precision with Thunderbolt and HP has pretty much left the laptop PC business (Elitebooks with/without Premiercolor). I would wait on a cheaper eGPU Thunderbolt solution or just go with an expresscard/mPCIe solution.
  13. Impressive work squinks! The whole eGPU setup cost more than $2000 , that costs more than the computer itself! Assuming you can attach another eGPU to the other Thunderbolt port and successfully utilize it, the costs would total to $4000+! That isn't a cost anyone can come across and acknowledge as necessary at home. Higher tier CUDA products (NVIDIA Quadro line) costs more per GPU, pushing the costs even further!
  14. I think he's referring to a external drive configuration like this (specs here). 24x CD read is actually 1/9 the rate of 24x DVD read. DVDs would read at ~33.36 MB/s and CDs would read at ~3.707 MB/s (here).
  15. Selling it together will net one sale, for less though. Less headaches. Parting it will net more profit, but much harder. You might not be able to sell all parts and can take months. You could sell the GPU for £200 as you originally planned, but keep the other parts somewhere safe in the house so you can service you new computer if something goes wrong (RAM, processors, and WLAN card are probably the only ones compatible).
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