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What Anti-theft Software / Schemas Are You Using?


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Hi, Wondering what anti theft policy and procedures you folks are using.

I just got a new Y500, and I'd like to KEEP IT!, lol

These are the options I have found, so far:


Recover and Track your Stolen Laptop or Mac with LoJack for Laptops - Absolute Software

Prey Project

Prey Anti Theft: Track & find stolen Phones, Tablets and Laptops


LockItTight | free online computer and Android phone tracker

* Anybody have experience with these?

* What schemes are you using? Thanks, tjak19

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I used to use Lojack with my old Dell I had, considering it came with the system. I can't say how effective it is/was considering I never had my laptop lost or stolen. I believe whenever the computer is on and connected to the net, it sends your location to the lojack servers. However I think you should base your decision based on price/needs/features.

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Obviously LockItTight is more preferable. why?? mainly because its less intrusive and more reliable than any other similar application. No one like intrusions at all applications must be doing their jobs once configured how ever other than LockItTight no one gives that option. the support they provide is much beneficial. so I recommend LockItTight

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I'm using PreyProject as well, and it seems to be a pretty decent program. I've never had to test it (never had anyone try to steal my laptop) but just having it reassures me.

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