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  1. Preyproject is your best bet mate. and they have multiple levels of protection both free and pay to use.
  2. They can help lower temperatures by as much as 15 Celsius depending on ambient temp, laptop model, and current laptop ventilation. However most cooling pads are gimmicks and do absolutely nothing. however for a good price you can get a "cooler Master" off ebay or amazon for $20 or so. Aluminum build, 3 moveable fans can be moved around the entire cooling pad to direct flow through ventilation ports located differently across all laptop models. Variable speed, comfortable, ergonomic, durable, and very helpful. Cooler Master NotePal U2 Laptop Cooling Pad with Dual 80 mm Configurable Fans | eBay Cooler Master NotePal U3 Plus Laptop Cooling Pad with Three Configurable High | eBay
  3. go with Ebay. a brand like msi or even better. A clevo or sager. something on the low end spectrum, an older molder will suit your needs fine. Look for a p150em or p150hm used. Should be able to find one. best bang for your buck all around! durable, powerful, stable, relatively lightweight/ good chassis.
  4. Thats very true. I typically use solidworks 2012 and I have had to do a lot of computational analysis ( like thermal integrity, stress tests, etc) I had an msi laptop with 4gb of ram and only 1gb vRAM. To run the tests without crashing I had to stop all unnecessary processes and close most background programs. albeit I have learned a lot and what I knew back about computers doesn't hold a candle to today. You are right tho. -Driver stability, -hardware acceleration optimization, (or complete lack thereof) -the program in question The rig's stability of its components matters a lot too. But even if they are the same cores, overclocking is known to shorten the life of any gpu, especially overvolting. Why not just get one a level up? buying a sager/clevo will get you the better equipment for the same price. cross compare a lenovo from tigerDirect or newegg to an equivalent sager from xoticpc.com They are great to deal with too, I've bought 3 laptops from them now. I don't mean to put down the Lenovo-Y series, but if on a budget I'd go for the for utilitarian sager models that have more bang for the buck.
  5. When flashing with svl7's bios/EC be extremely careful and make sure you have a copy of your original bios ready incase you make a mistake. you dont want to brick it.. become familiar with any possible difficulties, and have a contingency plan before trying this. I did the same thing and made this mistake, unfortunately for me the flash-drive had some sort of error and it ended up corrupting the data. It gave me a warning but I did not have a backup plan or even a copy of the original. It ended up restarting on ints own after timeout and it never started again..... not even a blip no matter what I did.
  6. So I guess this software replaces the default keyboard backlighting software.. Looks awesome! I'll have to try it out regardless.
  7. Older adapters will make this noise and its not really a concern. More than likely it is a driver or vbios problem. Additionally if you have played around with voltage offsets try resetting them back to normal BEFORE restoring the vbios/EC/bios software. Also you could have done damage to the Voltage regulators or core multiplyers. In this case, the capability to stay within the confines of your thermal/power envelope are weakened causing fluctuations which results in the syptooms you are seeing.
  8. Thank you Prema for your work! Overvolt bios edition will be awesome, time to break out all the cooling tricks!
  9. slightly offtopic but relevant to your computer: Also just as a warning, I had the same motherboard in my MSI barebones and the power-supply circuit exploded in flames.. So be extra careful with the DC jack, and dont yank on it, ever! (as in bend/pull on the cord in anyway except straight back/out. This could rapidly accelerate the rate of DC Jack component wear.
  10. just google 675m heatsink followed by your laptop model.. usually around 50-70 bucks. a new bios may help if your fan speeds are WAY to low, (as in never go above like 50% max rpm even at 96 celcius) other than that, you might need to do a repaste. arctic silver 5 I do not suggest uding because it is electrically conductive. USE IC diamond thermal coundpound 7 ALSO make sure that adequate pressure is being appplied to the heatsink & check if there is obstruction to exhaust air.
  11. SAGER NP9570 W/ dual 880m's This is pretty much the most powerful gaming laptop you can buy without an outrageous budget. XOTIC PC | Sager NP9570 / Clevo P570WM - 17.3" Custom Gaming Laptop Get that with DUAL 880m's with an extra power adapter (required)
  12. I'm going to add~ Do not get anything with less than a 760. KEY component is not the GENERATION (700's, 800's ,etc) but the level of card. NOTHING below a lv 60. why? because anything less will have low video memory, low clocks, and If you tried doing something like a stress test or tried to render multiple complicated components (think: rendering all the parts of a flashlight with the curves etc) A low level card will result in you running into longer waiting times, more frequent crashes, and inability to utilize certain tools.
  13. Get a sager or clevo (sager's parent brand) They are utilitarian computers that are designed VERY well. Things to look for in a laptop: -Stability -External Construction & Durability -The number of hard-drive bays (this is important) - Extent of internal customization and maximum capabilities offered by the specific motherboard. Both Sager (clevo-rebrand) and clevo are number one in all of these categories. Sagers are available via websites like: xoticpc.com A good model on a tight budget would be: NP8268 --------- for clevo.. buying a clevo would be factory direct and therefore are hard to find. if hard up for cash try getting one from ebay. buy NEW only.
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