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Intel DX58SO Bios Issues -- Help Needed


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Hi All

I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this, as I am sure that there have probably been a lot if request for help with this particular make of board.

I am currently using a old backup machine (which is from the ark) as my Intel DX58SO just decided to bite the dust..... this was about +- 3 months ago. Since then I have read almost every forum and or piece of info related to this particular bios,

so far every attempt to restore this bios has failed, I have even gone as far as building several flash tools ranging from Ezo's flash v4.4 to Willem Programmer V3.1, I finally achieved programming success with SPI Flash Programmer.

Now my issue is that the bios downloaded from Intel's support page is in a container which gets extracted and repackaged within the bios chip being programmed. (the use of this particular system for bios flashing still eludes me.)

I am in no way an engineer or programmer, it has been of interest to me in the past as I wanted to be a engineer. anyway what I am asking for is a backup of a working DX58SO bios so that I can flash it with a serial programmer, or

if someone could please explain how I could unpack the original bios file from Intel and rebuild my bios with a bios editor.(sounds like a huge amount of work from what I have read on other forums as I do not have the programming knowledge

to undertake said project.)

Any help regarding this matter would be appreciated as I cannot afford to purchase a new board and processor. In advance thanks for taking the time to read this and potentially assist me with my little problem.

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How exactly did your mobo fail? You're talking about a messed up bios, but did the board actually stop working directly after a bios flash?

Intel provides encapsulated firmware updates, as most vendors. The problem is that it does not seem to contain a descriptor or ME part, so I'm pretty sure it is only the bios and not the complete firmware, which won't be of any help for you. I very much doubt that Intel omitted the descritptor and ME part in an Intel motherboard bios.

You say you have a programmer, can you provide a dump of your bios chip?

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My board failed after a incorrect shutdown due to a power failure, on the first boot I was asked to restore bios setting and after re-boot I got a black screen fans on etc... no error beep codes no post screen.

the only thing I can think of is a corrupt bios. I have tried all the recommended restore procedures without any success.

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