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HELP Troubleshooting my m18x, please!


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Long story short:

2011 (Around May): Almost chose a sager, went with m18x instead.

2011 (Around July): Got it in my hands, turned it on, screen started going white and it seems to be related to moving the lid.

2011 (Around Sept to November) Since there was zero warranty on Brazil I went all the way to England to get it fixed, but when I went it was temporarily working for some unknown reason. Dell Tech replaced motherboard and the display itself. Since it was already temporarily working we couldn't test to see if the problem had been fixed.

2011 (Around December to 2012 Jan) Problem came back full blast. It started with white screen and then a few weeks after it came back I was unable to turn it on due to 8 beeps. Depending on how the lid was positioned I was able to turn it on.

Video I made about the problem once it came back:

My warranty expired and I gave up, just let it collect dust on my closet, it's been there doing nothing for way longer than a whole year. Until finally I decided to try something (buy a new display), another stupid move.

The Problem:

- 8 beeps, doesn't post.

- When I can turn it on the display gets white from time to time, and depending how I move the lid it comes back to life.

What I have tried:

- Updating bios to A05

- Clearing CMOS

- Re-seating RAM

- Re-seating display cables

More recently

- Bought a brand new sealed m18x display to see if I could fix my 8 beeps. Didn't work.

During my recent venture I noticed the video-to-motherboard cable had a little bump (it's an item that goes from the old display to the new display, which means it was passed over from the get-go, never replaced), here's the picture:


The guy I purchased the display from said the cable looks okay to him.

What else could it be? I'm so disgruntled with dell for their poor quality product.

Edit: Seriously considering buying another 8NW7M cable, but totally on the fence on this one, might be another disappointment.

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Could well be the cable if it is an intermittent problem. There are heaps of people who seem to be suffering from an 8 beep post...check your bios settings and make sure "non-turbo flex" is disabled. Google it, there is a good post on the Dell community forum.

Good luck

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I removed both 6990m (crossfire) and it booted just fine.

I tried inserting one and then the other separately, both of them are giving out 8 beeps. Without video cards no 8 beeps.


I cleaned the pci-connector with an eraser and both of them came back to life, one however boots ok but instead of black everything is green all around, the other seems to be fine.

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Now when you say you cleaned it with an eraser, are you referring to something like a pencil eraser? I would suggest not using something as rough as an eraser as it could cause more damage. It's best to use alcohol and a Q-tip.

If you're able to, try to get your hands on a different GPU to see if maybe both your cards are bad.

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