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7970M on MSI GT683DXR (16f2)


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Hi all.

I am commited to replace my 570m by a 7970m in a 683dxr,

I have seen a Dell card with vBIOS 015.021 (uefi)

As I have read I think it should work as long as my computer bios has uefi enabled also.

In my current BIOS i have the option:

Legacy USB Support: [Enabled]

Is this the right option? Or shall I flash my computer with an unlocked bios and enable uefi with another option?


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Yep sound right.

Use 683 BIOS for your notebook.

If you buy the 7970m heatsink unmodified (so 5870m heatsink from previous MSI), you will need to use a dremel to cut off a couple corners of the heatsink.

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Is not any 7970m msi heatsink out there that I can use without dremel?

Otherwise I might go for the 770m cause all would be easier and there would not be a huge performance impact I think.

Once installed the unlocked bios and changed to boot from uefi, would I be able to start the OS (Win7) without further modifications?

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  • 2 weeks later...

Finally I received and installed the 7970M this week and is working perfectly fine in a GT683DXR (16F2). Just for recap:

- Dell cards with vBios 015.022 are plug and play when booting from legacy mode using the msi unlocked bios

- CPU throttle problems (Far Cry 3 for example) are solved using Throttlestop 4.0 and turning it on

- It may be obvious but a proper 7970M heatsink is needed (or a modded one)

- No x-bracket needed

- Scored P6337 in 3dmark11 using default clocks (AMD Radeon HD 7970M video card benchmark result - Intel Core i7-2670QM Processor,Micro-Star International Co., Ltd. MS-16F2) with latest beta drivers

Thanks all

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