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AMD GPU - Post process antialiasing for older games

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Hello everybody.

Good news for all owners of a AMD GPU:

I've found a solution to run older games like Diablo II (directx, opengl), CC3 or Comanche 3 Gold (Voxel Engine) with a kind of antialiasing post process tool named RadeonPro version

- To perfom this, add a new profile in RadeonPro linked to your specific game.exe.

- After that, activate the FXAA checkbox in Visual. => the "FXAA" option supports directx, opengl and even the voxel engine based games!

You can run your game, with the new feature, now! => RadeonPro has to be active all the time!!!

Have fun!:nanahump:

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Thats awesome!

I have been using RadeonPro to help with framerate for World of warcraft, never thought of using it to run older games or even D2 !

Time to download D2 from my Blizzard account!


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